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About OKO centre

OKO centre is an organisation with a clear goal to spread education, culture and of personalities general development. Our participants are children, youth and adults of all age. We deal with educational activities, development, culture, publication and publishing activities. We are arranging languages courses (English, German, French, Russian, Spanish and Italian for children, youth and adults) specialized courses and seminars (communication, marketing, management, work with PC, psychology…), summer camps, youth exchanges, courses and other actions (competitions, tourist trips, social and international meetings, recondition stays) and international volunteering.

Volunteering in OKO

We are looking for 2 motivated volunteers of our team – from 2 countries from Europe: for 4 – 10 months to start her/his project from March 2021.

There is some basic information about our volunteering project in OKO CZ:

  • Main themes are: Interculture activities + Media and communications/Youth information + assistance in teaching languages
  • Number of international volunteers in our project: 2 (from 2 EU countries)
  • Date: a volunteer can start her/his project activity from January 2022 for 8-12 months, till end of August/ December 2022. 
  • Area description: Rychnov is often called small town or village for our volunteers, but for some volunteers, who are also from villages, is Rychnov nice, calm and quiet town with wonderful countryside. The town itself is small, with around 12,000 inhabitants. It is quiet in the evening and very peaceful with very little crime (if any) and it feels like a very safe place to live. For young people there is a lot of choice of leisure activities for such a small town; with a new swimming pool, gym and exercise complex, ice-rink, cinema, theatre, museum, castle, and nearby there is countryside with lakes, rivers and woods where it is possible to take walks or go cycling, a short bus ride away are the mountains for skiing in the winter..
  • Flat: Accommodation – the volunteer will be offered accommodation in a single
    room in a shared flat with other volunteers. Kitchen and bathroom will be shared. The rooms and the kitchen are fully furnished and can be used by the volunteer. Usually, two volunteers will stay in one flat – each of them will have his/her own room.
  • No racism. We have a good experience with our local community. Our people are ready to welcome and accept every motivated volunteer. There are even looking forward to meet volunteers, because they have a good experience with international volunteers quite long time
  • Both sexes are welcome! We are able to accept a male and a female, too.
  • Volunteers will take part in these activities during the project: Exhibition, Bulletin, Updating web page (volunteers’ blog, facebook etc.), English/German/French/Spanish conversation clubs, Teaching assistance in English/French/German/Spanish/Russian courses, Interaction with the Public, Intercultural evenings, Actions for children (Bambiriada, Open day), Summer camp, Decoration and tidying

More information about our project here:

What else can you do in/next to this project? Self-initiated activities. Depending on the volunteers’ initiative, talents or specialities it is up to them to present new ideas for what they might like to do beside their regular work. For example, there has been a cinema club, where participants can watch a film in another language than as a group discuss the topics; software tuition in English where students learn to use Photoshop or build a website; or participation in children’s clubs to teach the first words in another language.
As every year there will be another group of volunteers in OKO centre, it could be possible to co-operate with them to design another project or discuss existing idea.
The activity description you can find here.

Our project is varied and we would like to cooperate with volunteers who are creative, open and willing to work independently. We offer a possibility of personal growth and you can use your ideas, thoughts and abilities.

Link – video about volunteering in OKO centre
Volunteers in OKO (new): http://okocentrum.blogspot.cz/
Volunteers in OKO (2010-12): http://evsoko.blogspot.cz/
Czech volunteers abroad: http://oko-europe.eu/domains/oko-europe.eu/what-is-evs-co-je-eds/
Facebook OKO
Facebook volunteers in OKO  
Our international page for international activities: http://oko-europe.eu/domains/oko-europe.eu/ 

And how to get from Prague to Rychnov? Our former volunteer Emi put together this great video for you:

If you still need more information about our project or our organization, don’ t hesitate and contact us:


  • OKO – vzdělávací a rozvojové centrum, z.s.
  • Staré náměstí 46, Rychnov nad Kněžnou
  • Office: 00420 491514814, GSM: 00420 777900818
  • Czech Republic, www.oko-centrum.cz
  • PIC: 946486328
  • Skype: jitkaoko
  • email: info@oko-centrum.cz
  • skype: jitkaoko


Jitka Bartošová, head of OKO centre

Thank you and look forward to working together!


Nabídka kurzů

Hradec Králové

  • +420 777 900 818
  • oko@oko-centrum.cz
  • +420 777 515 900
  • Jitka Bartošová
  • úřední hodiny zde

Rychnov nad Kněžnou

  • +420 777 900 818
  • info@oko-centrum.cz
  • +420 777 515 900
  • Jitka Bartošová
  • úřední hodiny zde